PEDS - Information for Families

Would you like to participate in the Preschool Environmental Experiences and Development Study (PEDS)?

Why should my family sign up for PEDS?

In addition to receiving your home’s and child's sample results and recommendations to help protect your family from chemical exposures, you will also receive a total of $150 for participating. Your child will receive small prizes for completing fun, game-like activities with a member of our team!

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What is involved with my family’s participation?

If you enroll in PEDS, we will need your family’s occasional participation for about 1 year. Study activities happen when your child is around 2-years old and again when they are around 3-years old.

  • If you enroll, a member of our study team will visit your child care center to play fun, game-like activities with your child when they are 2 years old, and again when they are 3 years old. These two visits will take about 20-40 minutes each.

  • Your family will also partner with our team to become participatory scientists! When your child is about 2 years old old, you will use our mail-out test kit to collect dust and water samples from your home and collect saliva and a small hair sample from your child. Your child will also wear a silicone wristband for several days. The sampling process is simple and will take a total of about 1 hour over the course of 1 week.

  • We will ask you questions over the phone when your child is 2 years old . We will also ask you to complete a confidential online survey when your child is 2 years old , and again when they are 3 years old. The interview and surveys take about 1 hour each.

  • You will attend a 1-hour webinar to learn how to interpret your sample results when your child is about 3 years old.

Visit our FAQ page for families to learn more, or contact a member of our study team with any questions.

How are you studying children’s early development?

The PEDS team is trying to understand if common chemical exposures experienced during early childhood might influence children’s cognitive development.

Cognitive development is related to how children think, play, explore, and learn to solve problems. We can study this part of child development using fun, game-like activities, such as playing with children using blocks, puzzles, and puppets.

What chemicals are you testing for?

We are testing for common chemicals that children might regularly encounter in their day-to-day life.

We will test for lead, heavy metals, "forever chemicals," flame retardants, and cigarette smoke. Each of these common chemicals has been shown to impact children’s development.

Learn more about the chemicals we are testing for and why we are testing for them.

How can I protect my family from chemical exposures?

You cannot see, smell, or taste most common chemical contaminants. The samples from your child care center, home, and child can help identify potential sources of chemical contamination in your child’s environment.

Our team of children’s environmental health experts will also provide recommendations to reduce your child’s exposure to these contaminants so you are empowered to protect your family.

How do I sign up?

We are ready to enroll you and your family's child care center!

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